5 Benefits of Getting Loans in UAE

Undoubtedly, availing loans from banks exalts the overall purchasing capacity of a potential consumer, but don’t forget to gauge the benefits of getting loans amid all the financial complications.

Benefits of Getting Loans in UAE

Let us take a quick look at some of the benefits of getting loans in UAE.

  1. Win up to Dh250,000 with a Mashreq loan

On signing up for a personal loan for a minimum amount of Dh50000, you may get an opportunity to win the Mashreq Personal Loan Plus draw.

  1. Get a cashback of Dh1,000 with ADIB

On applying for an ADIB Al Khair Liabilities Settlement, you receive a cashback of Dh1,000.

  1. Refer a friend to Emirates NBD

On referring a friend for a personal loan at Emirates NBD, you get an opportunity to earn up to Dh4,000 in the form of gift vouchers.

  1. Flexibility of utilization

A personal loan gives you the flexibility of utilizing it for various purposes such as traveling, medical treatments etc.

  1. Minimal documentation requirement

Advancing loans in UAE is easy, but advancing a personal loan is super easy and convenient as the documentation requirement for raising a personal loan is minimal.

There are two sides to every coin, and the same applies for loans! But the pros of advancing a loan in UAE outsmarts its cons.


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